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Keeping a Healthy Septic System

There are a few basic rules for keeping your septic system healthy.

  • Have the tank pumped and cleaned every 2 to 5 years.
  • Don’t pour ANY solvents, chemicals or oils of ANY kind into the drain or toilet.
  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet, no other paper or plastic products.
  • Use bleach and other cleaners sparingly.
  • NEVER dispose of grease, coffee grounds or popcorn in the sink
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Got Drain Odors?

Running very hot water through your drains after using will help keep them free of odors somewhat. About once a week pour a handful of baking soda and hot water down the drain or pour 1 cup of vinegar, let stand 30 minutes and then run some hot water. Keeping all grease , hair, and vegetable matter out of the drain also helps with odors and possible clogging.

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Garbage Disposal Tips

  • Do not use commercial drain products.
  • Use cold water at all times when the disposal is operating.
  • Grind ice cubes to clean, lemon peels to freshen.
  • Read your maintenance manual.

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Replace Your Old Showerhead

New showerheads use no more than 2.5 gallons per minute, therefore saving you water and energy. By replacing your older showerhead for a new one an average family ,(of four people), can save $150 on electric hot water or $60 gas. The amount of water saved per year equals about 15,000 gallons!

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Recaulking Your Bathtub

House settling often results in cracks between the wall and bathroom sink or tub. Clean and dry the area, removing any loose caulking with a putty knife. Use some waterproof caulking compound to fill the cracks and let dry overnight before using the bath .

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Soft Water Saves Money

Soft water can save more than half the money you spend on soaps, detergents and shampoo.

  • It can save up to 50% of your time and energy spent on cleaning!
  • It reduces scaling that clogs pipes , thereby slowing your drains.
  • It reduces rings in tub and toilets, soap scum buildup and other staining.
  • It helps appliances, plumbing, clothes and linens last up to twice as long!
  • It eliminates the need for acids, bleaches and abrasives in your home.
  • You get softer and whiter clothes, shinier hair, and smoother skin.
  • It saves on your energy bill!

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